August Ripples 2018
Meeting gaveled to Order at 6:31 p.m. by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut. Wayne asked for a moment of silence for former Commodore Dale Madden, and Cheryl Keller.
Secretary’s Report: Roberta Roloff, Minutes from the previous month’s meeting were read and approved by members. A Special “Thank You from the Stalker Family” for the kind donation to the fund raiser for Essie Stalker, bless all of you. The Ottawa Fire Department asked for a donation to the Bronze to Remember event, they asked for $100, Sept 9, 2018, this was asked by Anne Criswell, membership approved this donation
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster, Funds and expenditures were read, and approved by membership.
Vice Commodores Report: Denny Gray, Like to thank bar stockers for July Tim Lippold, and Jeff Stillwell.
Please don’t break quarters on the plastic drawer to the cash register, it has broken the drawer, and it had to be replaced.
Recreation Report: Michele Armstrong,  August 4, 2018 We have 11 boats and approximately 80+ members taking a trip to Spring Valley Boat Club at 9 tomorrow morning, Sandy Burkart reported.
Patio Karaoke August 24, 2018 from 7-10 p.m.
Trash Treasure and Bake Sale August 25, 2018
Steak Fry September 15, 2018
September 22, 2018 Shoreline Golf Outing
Membership Report: Gerry Burkhart, for her first Meeting Tammy Baker is being introduced by her sponsors Brian Michaels, and Tess Wiesbrock.
For their second meeting Ryan and Brittany Hill, sponsors Roberta Roloff, and Shelly Phelps.
And for their year anniversary and vote for membership Jim and Jennifer Wideman, sponsors Ed Roloff, and Tracey O’Fallon. They were voted in as members, and congratulations.
Clubhouse Report: Tim Bault, We are currently thanks to all in an ant free environment. We have 5 Backroom rentals for August.
Club grounds Report: Wayne Eichelkraut, We have new zero turn tractor, please take a short course on how to handle this item since it is new, and expensive and different slightly than the Island Zero Turn mower.
Lagoon Report: Greg Farmer, Walkway canopies need to be removed before legs can be attached to new walkway.
Wayne Eichelkraut stated the job is huge, and Kudo’s to Ralph Conrad for his work on project, and several others, have put in a lot of time on this project and it’s looking great.
Wiesy stated,” He had no idea how hard of a slave driver he was, till this project commenced”
New Business: Like to address the moving of the two docks at the north east end of the Lagoon, I cannot use my dock with these positioned as they are. Jim Stalker
Pat Gray has asked permission to come on Shoreline Property as a guest, and as a guest only. This will be tabled and not asked for a vote now, to be brought up at a later date. Brought to membership by Denny Gray.                                   At 7:06 p.m. meeting adjourned            Next Meeting September 7, 2018
September Birthdays
1        Sherri Inskeep
2        Brian Lowe
4        Lisa Fuchs
5        John Rossiter
6        Gloria Leipold
8        Paul McConville
12      Bobbye Crum
14      Sue Jackson
14      Jami Muffler  
15      Jack Feehan
17      Tracey O'Fallon
19      Tom Landers
19      Donna Thompson
19      Lowell Warner
20      Amanda Abens
20      Barb Godwin
23      Janet Heider
26      Rob Herman
27      Lance Abens
28      Rich Jessen
September Anniversaries
6        Dave & Lori Gee
11      Bob & Gloria Leipold
17      Jim & Dee Stalker
20      Ryan & Jami Muffler
24      Brian & Angie Lowe
26      Pete & Cam Cook
27      Darryl & Donna Thompson
28      Lance & Amanda Abens
28      Dick & Darlene Zahn
30      Duane & Cindy Duncan


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