Ripples March 2023                                                                  Next Meeting April 8, 2023, at 6:30 p.m.
Meeting gaveled to order by Commodore Wayne Eickelkraut at 6:30 p.m.
Secretary’s Report: Michele Armstrong, read minutes from earlier meeting approved by members.
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster, read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodore’s report: Thank Bar stockers and morning coffee club for stocking our bar. Thank you, Dave and Peggy Baxter for handling duties of bar chairmen in his absence. Bar has been very good a couple parties and our fish fries.
Recreation Report: Michele Armstrong, Winter games great time had by all. Lots of fun and great meeting and greeting other clubs. Fish Fries are going great, both lunch and supper, come on down and help in this endeavor. April 15 bus trip to help promote River-bottom at Shoreline contact Candy Jarigese in regards to particulars. Bus leaves promptly at 10.
Membership Report: Jim Stalker, 89 regular members, 26 Associate members, 17 Special members. If you have a friend or associate that you think would have fun and enjoy our boat club bring them by for a tour. Applications are in our electrical room first door to the left upon entering building from the north, in membership box. 2nd Installment of your dues are due March 31, 2023 at midnight.
Grounds Report: John Crouch, we have purchased a tractor for $13,600 and will be offering old red for sealed bid by members first, then offering it to public if it does not sell.
Lagoon Report: Greg Farmer, Our Lagoon Meeting will be 10 a.m. on 3/12/2023. There are 8 openings in lagoon and 2 on river side.
Island Chair: Ryan Garzanelli, Have had a couple visits to goat Island, lotta wildlife are enjoying our Island. Couple deer and a beaver that is decorating over the winter.
Old business- nothing
New Business- Installing new outside cameras for security of the club and grounds thank you Dave Baxter and Ralph Conrad.
Made Motion to Adjourn at 7:01 approx. by Debbie Garzanelli.
April Birthdays                      
1        Kim Weakley
3        Staci Horner                                                   
4        Shelley Phelps                                 
6        Jani Eichelkraut 
8        Sarah Makeever Shumway             
11      Cam Cook
14      Karen Corsolini
16      Denny Gray
16      Joe Brewer
17      Frank Less
20      Kim Ruhland
22      Amy Duncan
22      Debbie Garzenelli
23      Gaylene Stalker
24      Mark Larson
25      Chris Clark
25      Jim Shanley
26      John Mobley
27       Tammy Despain
27       Kevin Bramel
28      Dave Gee
April Anniversaries
 5       Al & Kim Ruhland
14      Wayne & Jani Eichelkraut
17      Sean & Maggie Walker
19      Dennis & Debbie Allen
20      Mark & Angie Larson

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