SBC Meeting                                                                                                                11-5-2021
Meeting gaveled to order by Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:30 p.m.
Wayne asked for a moment for a moment of silence for member Brian Allen, Jack Feehan’s mom Marion, and Tim Bault’s mother in law.
Secretary’s report: Michele Armstrong, read the minutes from Octobers meeting, all were agreed to and approved by membership.
Treasurers’ Report: Barb Foster, financially status of our club was read and approved by our members.
Vice Commodore’s report: Ed Roloff, Like to thank bar stockers for their work. There is a signup sheet for things to do, hints you might say, at items that are in need to be done at Shoreline, this sheet is for you needing works hours, suggestions clean refrigerator inside and out, clean appliances, whatever else. Extra beer has been order to help prevent paying increase prices and keep stock shortages from happening.
Nominations for 2022 Officers:
Commodore: Wayne Eichelkraut
Vice Commodore: Ed Roloff
Secretary: Michele Armstrong
Treasurer: Barb Foster
Membership: Jim Stalker
Lagoon: Greg Farmer
Recreation: We have no one running………
Nominations are still open till December meeting when voting takes place……..
Recreation Chair: Roberta Roloff,
10-16 Chicken Fry was Very Successful, great Job Gerry Burkart and Jim Heth.
10-30 Debbie Garzanelli did a fine job as chairwoman for the Adult Halloween party, good time was had by a lot of ghouls.
10-31 Bert’s Trunk or Treat was a huge success as 36 lil boaters enjoyed a fine day at 11 stations for treats, nice job Ms. Roloff.
11-13 “One Stop to Shop” get your Christmas gifts early, avoid the long lines at the malls, if there are any left, and Vendors ,Bake Sale, lunch and a big 50/50 bring a donation for the bake sale, and brouse our backroom full of vendors, “all the proceeds go to charity.”
Upcoming December events Adult Christmas Party. Bert and Ed’s Ho Ho Hoedown December 4, 2021
12-19 “Kids Christmas Party” Santa is provided Bubba Engel has a new ensemble he is willing to wear to promote cheer for the Holiday season. Thank you Janice for providing said item.
And thank you Sherry Inskeep for the afghan which is up for raffle on honor system in our glass display area.  6 tickets for $5 proceeds to Charity.
Donations form Charity $500 for “freezing for a reason”, and $100 to shop with a cop in Marseilles. Wayne is to be interviewed on radio in regards to Charity Program. Roberta has stated she wishes to continue as Charity Chairperson and would like to run the Ducky Derby in 2022 but will retire as recreation chairperson. Wayne thanked Roberta for her years of service on the board.
Club house chair: Jeff Mackiewicz, Jeff needs help in keeping Shoreline Boat Club Clean.
Grounds Chair: John Crouch, Ameren will be installing the pole on the north end of lagoon, grounds look good, need a crew to clean out the garage, needs it badly. And hopefully we will be finishing up on the playground are soon. There will be a camper meeting in spring, 3rd Sunday in April (TBDL) time.
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, Keep your bushes cut back and trimmed, dock poles need removed, and docks again will be secured by ropes.
Island Chair: Ryan Garzanelli, Like to thank Jerry Wiesbrock, and Curt Read for helping on Island cutting trees and mowing. Also the Island docks will be brought in on November 6, 2021.
Wayne reminded everyone that we as a club are to decorate Rigden Park for the Holiday season, easy hours and a great time, call Wayne to find out information in regards to this event.
Ryan Crum reports:  his dad Lee is not his usual “cheery self”-recovering from his recent hip surgery, but he is getting better, May be in Peoria a week and then he will start therapy and stay in Pleasant View Luther Home for about 4 weeks.
Meeting Adjourned at 6:53p.m.
December Birthdays
2       Dewayne Foster
2        Bill Sheilds
4        Lori Rossiter
4         Matthew Schock
4        Tess Wiesbrock
15      Debbie Allen
15      Candy Jarigese
22      Janelle Clark
22      Jim Hollenbeck
29      Susie Fleming
December Anniversaries 
12      Terry & Amanda Muffler
13      John & Sue Mobley
22      Steve & Mary Pitstick
23      Jim and Pat Rexford
24      Ed & Roberta Roloff
28      Jim & Marylinn Rice
31      Jay & Sherri Inskeep

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