November Ripples 2022                               Next Meeting Election Night Dec 2, 2022
Wayne Eichelkraut Commodore gaveled meeting to order at 6:31 P.M.
Wayne asked Brian Michaels for an update on his dad who is convalescing at home and can be sent get well cards to this address 2355 N 24th Road Marseilles, Illinois 61341.
Wayne brought up purchase of a couple cameras for Island, and Candy for Kids party that was tabled from last month since we didn’t have a quorum of members from e-board. Godwin made the motion and Robyn Lawry seconded it.
Secretary’s Report: Michele Armstrong read and approved minutes from month of October, these minutes were approved and passed by our members.
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster read bills expenses and balances of all accounts, these were approved and passed by our members.
Recreation Chair: Michele Armstrong, Chicken Fry great job Jim Heth and Gerry Burkart, Great job with Trunk or Treat Kids Halloween Party Debbie Garzanelli and Amanda Crouch.
 Upcoming Special Events: Chile Cookoff, Chair Roberta Roloff November 6, 2022, Adult Christmas Party December 3, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. Ed Roloff, Roberta Roloff, and Jeff and Debbie Mackiewicz, Kids Breakfast with Santa December 18, 2022, at 10:00 a.m.
Special Shout Out to Shoreline Boat Clubs Super Six, that took time out of their retirement and moved all the docks on two days midweek, when weather was perfect. Craig Godwin, Bob Rosencrans, Robin Lawry, Jim Jarigese, Dennis Gray, Jerry Wiesbrock, thank you from all of us.
Vice Commodore’s Report: Ed Roloff, like to thank all bar stockers, good month at the bar, thank you all for that. We have several items for entertainment for sale, and a fine display of clothing for the Holiday season on display.
Membership Report: Jim Stalker, like to introduce for his second meeting Austin Kocher, Austin was allowed time to talk and briefly talk about himself and what he enjoys about Shoreline boat Club. Being at the later half of the year, please be kind enough if there is going to be any change in your status for next year, any phone number, or address changes let me know my number is 1-815-488-5849 or email me at
Clubhouse Chair: Jeff Mackiewicz, Rentals put paperwork back in the box it came out of. Thank you for all that have helped clean the building the past few years, your help has been appreciated.
Club grounds Chair: John Crouch, like to thank all that have helped keep the grounds grass up and looking nice. 
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, the north end west side is completed thank you to all that have helped.
Like to thank an unsung hero Ben Brown who has been instrumental at getting rid of a lot of the trashed docks and wood with his pickup and trailer, thank you Ben, Ed Roloff on helping on the docks, and anyone else who may have helped, and Jimmy can’t read his own writing.
Island Chair: Ryan Garzanelli, like to thank Jerry Wiesbrock for his hours that he puts in on his own on the Island. Thanks to all that help right that building that needed repairs on Shorelines Island, it is almost ready for rental for 2023. We will be bringing back tractors and such on or about the November 19, 2022, and then Island will be buttoned up for the winter.
Unfinished Business: Chili Cookoff Sunday asked for a motion for prizes, Chico raised motion and it was seconded by Barb Godwin
New Business: Asked for $50 for gas for the boat that moved the docks, this motion passed
Next Meeting will be Election Night
Commodore- Wayne Eichelkraut
Vice Commodore- Ed Roloff
Secretary-Michele Armstrong
Treasurer-Barb Foster
Membership-Jim Stalker
Clubhouse-Ralph Conrad
Island Chair-Ryan Garzanelli
Motion to Adjourn by Chico Corsolini, seconded by Craig Godwin

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