Shoreline Boat Club
September Ripples 2019
Meeting gaveled to order at 6:29 p.m. by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut
Wayne asked for a moment of silence for Debbie Mackiewicz son and Jeff Mackiewicz stepson, Luke Penfield.
Secretary’s Report: Roberta Roloff, minutes from August meeting were read and approved by membership.
Treasurers Report: Barb Foster, Bills and Income were read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodores report: read by Wayne Eichelkraut, like to thank the bar stockers for the month.
Recreation Report: Read by Roberta for Michele Armstrong,
Thank Sandy Burkart for a great job on the pontoon trip and Shoreline Challenge.
 Jon and Amanda Crouch excellent job on Luau and Family Fun Day, great time was had by all
Don’t forget Steak Fry Sept 14, 2019, Co Chair Jim Shanley said,” all of you come and bring a friend.” Bert is looking for someone to sell raffle tickets at steak fry for (basket of treasure’s) drawn that evening.
Fish Fry at Island, Ralph has asked for all to bring a dish to pass.      
September 21, 2019 Golf outing is cancelled, and we are involved in for Charities Event Octoberfest by the City of Ottawa, the club will bartend, sheet is on the west board. All our encouraged to help, work hours will be offered for this event, we need four bartenders per shift. Sheet is on the board.
Chicken Fry October 12, 2019
Roberta Roloff gave a brief report of finances and expenditures of the Charities Committee.
Membership Committee: Gerry Burkart,
For his second meeting introduce Dave Pascoe and wife Paula, sponsored by Jeff and Debbie Mackiewicz, and Ed and Roberta Roloff. Briefly introduced to the club and its membership.
For their one year vote, Ryan and Brittany Hill, sponsored by Ed and Roberta Roloff, and Jeff and Debbie Mackiewicz. They were briefly introduced and club voted on them, congratulations on becoming Shoreline Boat Club members, welcome to the family.
Clubhouse Report: Tim Bault, 4 rentals for the month, not counting the steak fry. I would like to thank Ralph Conrad for fixing the urinals in men’s room.
Island Report: Jason Inskeep, Like to thank all that have kept Island looking as it has this year, and we have materials for no trespassing signs and they are being worked on as we speak.
Club grounds Report: Larry Michaels, Crews are doing a great job on north end of the lagoon. Dave Baima with his Bobcat did a great job reworking the north area, giving us land we never knew existed. And thank you Bob Rosencrans for concrete to help north end of the lagoon.
Unfinished Business: Wayne Eichelkraut talked to Army Corp of Engineers about our river level next year, and he was assured nothing would change in our pool, but travel past the locks will be tough next year.
Motion to adjourn at 7:02 p.m.                      Next Meeting will be October 4, 2019
October Birthdays
2        Dennis Allen
3        Kim Landers
4        Bonnie Shanley
5        Greg Farmer
6        Patti Feehan
7        Jim Heth
7        Valerie Francione
9        Jennifer Wideman
13      Ray Fuchs
20      Sue Mobley
20      Lesley Lowery
21      Patrick O'Falon
22      Darryl Thompson
24      John Crouch
26      Sheila Hollenbeck
October Anniversaries
3        Rich & Debbie Jessen
9        Ron & Jody Bernard
14      Randy & Susie Goestch
18      Pete & Kayla Neuhror
19      Ray & Lisa Fuchs
21      Jason & Melissa Abens
30      Tom & Kim Landers    

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