1-6-2023 Meeting gaveled to order by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:31 p.m. Wayne asked for a moment of silence for Peggy Baxter’s dad, and Julie Stillwell’s dad. Secretary’s Report: Michele Armstrong, minutes from December’s meeting were read and approved by membership. Treasurer’s report: Barb Foster, Income and account statuses and a report on the status of our loan and its balance were read and approved by membership. Vice Commodore’s report: read by Wayne Eichelkraut, thank you bar stockers, new prices went into effect January 1, 2023. Still some openings for bar stockers and or bathroom cleanup, feel free to grab those easy extra hours. Recreation Chair: Michele Armstrong, we have a Euchre Tournament January 14, 2023, at 2 please bring a snack, and no reneging, please. February 24-25 It’s the winter games a “Black Tie Affair”. Contact Michele Armstrong in regard to information on this event. In regard to our Charity Fund: At this time Wayne Eichelkraut brought up about the Charity Fund. Apparently, a few members have apparently upset the Chair. Wayne explained the purpose of this fund was established by Sandy Burkart to help the community and aid people with issues in their lives. Having said this and explain it is monies set aside to help in emergencies, separate from your general fund. Wayne Read Roberta Roloff’s letter. Then opened it for discussion, and a vote to continue as it is, or do away with it. Jerry Wiesbrock stated,” It’s all Shorelines Money, its our money.” Wayne asked if he would like to do the fund. Wayne stated the monies in this fund are not taxable. As it seemed there was some concern about amount this account should have on hand. Ralph Conrad cautioned prior that this account could bring trouble tax wise to our club. And Debbie Mackiewicz stated they ask a lawyer prior to establishing this, and it is allowed to keep $12,000 in this working account. Mike Carey stated, “that we pay taxes on our General Fund, why would you want to pay taxes on this?” Wayne asked for a motion to continue Dave Baxter made the motion, seconded Gerry Burkart, and keeping it as it was the general consensus. Membership Chair: Jim Stalker, I have everyone dues envelope here, we need an influx of members, if you have a friend that would like to belong to our club and enjoy what we have bring him an application, please. Clubhouse Chair: Ralph Conrad: Put your name on the calendar after you checked with me, so there is no confusion. Club grounds: Jon Crouch, thank you to all that have helped keep the sidewalks clean. Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, we still have three dock boxes and two meters unclaimed and making the south end of lagoon area look bad. Lagoon meeting March 12, 2023, please be kind enough to let me know if your dock space is available or want a change in your dock location. Island Chair: Ryan Garzanelli, have not been out there in a while, everything is buttoned up for the winter. Mike Carey asked for a motion to adjourn at 6:57 p.m. February Birthdays 1 Don Sladek 1 Jeff Stalker 1 Kim Brewer 9 Angie Lowe 11 Jim Ostrem 11 Ann Walleck 15 John Ewers 17 Jim Rice 18 Georgia Brown 19 Marla Newman 20 Sean Glover 23 Randy Goestch 24 Larry Fleming 25 Jason Inskeep February Anniversaries 1 Larry & DeAnn Whitaker 14 Art & Betty LeBeau 15 Kevin & Karen Bramel

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