JAN 05,2024
Meeting gaveled to order by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:30 p.m.
Wayne asked for a moment of silence for members family Craig Godwin’s mother (Barb Godwin mother in law) and Tyler Schock’s dad (Matt Schock father in law).
SECRETARY REPORT: Michelle Armstrong read minutes of Decembers meeting which were approved by members.
TREASURER REPORT: Barb Foster read bills, expenditures and balances of all the clubs accounts which were heard and approved by membership.
VICE COMMODORE REPORT: Dave Baxter discussed Busch apple is $1. Other items were also marked down such as Schnaps, sweet tea vodka etc. basically items not being sold
RECREATION REPORT: Thank you to everyone who helped decorate Rigden Park and the club for the holidays. Also, thank you Corie and Brian Hartman for the great job hosting the kids Christmas party. The kids had such an amazing time! Thank you to the Roloffs and Mackiewicz for an outstanding adult Christmas party, fun was had by all!
MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Jim Stalker discussed he will need a copy of current insurance for $500,000 if it was changed last year. Pay your bills either by mail, postmarked by January 31, 2024. Put in Barb Fosters bill box or you can also put it in the left side of the safe, where you throw the twenty dollar bills. All fines or additions must be included in the 1st installment bill. Anyone who owes their assessment has until the due date noted on the bills. Assessment is not considered a fine and is separate everyone pays in assessment. No penalty for early payment
CLUBHOUSE CHAIR: Ralph Conrad, it will be business as usual renting the back room
CLUB GROUND CHAIR: Doc Koppen discussed purchasing 4 pumps for $9300.00 to push the silt out of the lagoon. The company promises good results with proper sized equipment. It will save Shoreline $100,000 plus, a win-win situation. It will be tried this early spring before boats go in. Frank Less made the motion and was second by Bob Rosencrans - seconded it item passed for its purchase by membership
LAGOON CHAIR: Greg Farmer, was not present but had said the other night poles will be removed from the docks as soon as the lagoon freezes over
ISLAND CHAIR: Ryan Garzanelli, island is still looking great
Motion to adjourn made by Craig Godwin, second by Ryan Crum
         February Birthdays
1        Don Sladek
1        Jeff Stalker
  1        Kim Brewer
9        Angie Lowe
11      Ann Walleck
15      John Ewers
17       Jim Rice
18      Georgia Brown
19      Marla Newman
 20      Sean Glover
23      Randy Goestch
24      Larry Fleming
25      Jason Inskeep
February  Anniversaries
       1  Larry & DeAnn Whitaker
14  Art & Betty LeBeau
15 Kevin & Karen Bramel

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