May Ripples May 6, 2022
Meeting gaveled to order by Wayne Eichelkraut Commodore at ^:32 p.m.
Wayne Eichelkraut asked for a moment of silence for Nelson Nussbaum’s father.
Secretary’s Report: Read by Wayne Eichelkraut prior months meeting recap. These were heard and approved by membership. Fish Fries were awesome 4707 diners and great turnout for work hours at 1468 all of you whom participated great job and Thank you. Steve and Mary Smith will Chair Mother’s day weekend Steak Fry.
 Special thank you to Jim Shanley for chairing the last few years Steak Fries, he has kept great account, and made a nice guide for future chairmen, he is a standup guy and now has retired his hat- and wonderful legacy.
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster, Bills and expenditures, as well as monies in our accounts were read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodore’s report: Ed Roloff, Like to thank all the bar stockers, there is an additional course for Bassett being offered in Oglesby at Claudettes, please contact me if interested it is free to Shoreline Boat Club members.
Recreation Chair Report: On May 29, 2022   Breakfast before the Blessing of the Fleet will be at 9:00 a.m. at Shoreline Boat Club. Ed and Roberta Roloff are co- chairing it. Then onto the Blessing of the Fleet sponsored by Wide Water Yacht Club at Buffalo Rock for the ceremony. I am sure they could use a hand providing vittles for this event.
The second “Annual Ducky Derby” will be held June 11, 2022, 956 ducks have already entered with more coming we are sure, a three pack is $10, get yours soon contact Bert and get you an entrant. You don’t want left behind in this event, it’s hard to paddle and catch up. We could use a chairman for food and organizing this. Sign-up sheet should be posted on the board, this looks like it will be one of our biggest summer events, so need lots of people, ticket takers, monies collectors, 50/50 sellers, cooks, cook helpers, cooks helper helpers, great chance to score some hours and have a blast. Anyone with any knowledge on how to talk 1000+ ducks into a horse starting gate. Ice cone lady will be on grounds with her special adult beverages. And a reminder we will need help in cleanup too!
River bottom is June 24-25, 2022 at Starved Rock Yacht Club it will consist of poker run, bag tournament, dunk tank, club with most points will be able to host next year.
Membership Chair: Introduction to prospective members for their second meeting were
Abby Carretto, Angie Carretto, Matt Engel and Tiffany, for his first Meeting Mark Obrycki.
Club House Chair: Jeff Mackiewicz, Backroom rentals are up, call Jeff Mackiewicz to secure backroom. Need to have bathrooms tuck-pointed and painted. Big thanks to all that cleaned without signing up.
Club grounds Chair: John Crouch, Grounds got a much needed haircut, Thank you Ben Brown, Bubba Engel, Rob Herman, and Curt Read. All Trailers and misc. junk not claimed on the north end is going to the dump. This is not a storage facility.
 Special thank you also to Donna Thompson and Janet Heider for planting plants around Shoreline Boat Club they look lovely, looking for a volunteers to help in watering, thank you.
New Business:
Shoreline Boat Club now has a gambling license, monies from such now will be earmarked for the Wall Fund. Bingo, draw downs and such. Tip Monies in the jar to go to Wall Fund now also.
The vote for the membership application changes to for a year trial of removal of sponsors, and replace with a mentor has passed, and will go into effect immediately.
Green Street to be completed by September of 2023.
Motion to adjourn

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