May 10, 2019   
 Shoreline Ripples of May
Our Monthly Meeting gaveled to order by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:30 p.m.
An AED demonstration on its usage was provided by our own Fire Chief Andy Borkowski.
Wayne Eichelkraut asked for a moment of silence for Wayne Crouch’s mom, and Gary Modesitt’s father.
Secretary’s report: Roberta Roloff, Minutes for April’s meeting were read discussed and approved by membership.
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster, Financial report was read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodore’s Report: Steve Pitstick, I want to thank all bar tenders that worked the Fish Fry’s very successful bar wise. Looking for some bar stockers we have several openings in this area.
Recreation Report: Michele Armstrong, Motion was made by “chairperson” John Crouch to move Family Fun Day to July due to wet grounds.
Miss River bottom East Peoria Boat Club Our Own, Ed Roloff will be our entrant and needs support for this to happen. This June 26, 2019 we want Miss River bottom back and all efforts are geared for a repeat. Let’s all get out and back “Anita Bush” in her quest for the crown.
Roberta Roloff gave a brief report on what has been happening with the Charitable Funds by our club, great work to all that involved in this ongoing project.
Shoreline Boat Club will have a Boy Scout Breakfast on May 23, 2019, all members are invited as guests.
Clubhouse Report: Tim Bault, we have at least 2 rentals for the month.
Club grounds Report: Like to thank all that helped clean up the mess, left by Mother Nature.
Lagoon Report: Greg Farmer, Please check you electrical pedestals prior to use.
Island Report: Jason Inskeep, Like to thank those that helped in moving Docks to the Island.
Membership Report and vote: Gerry Burkart, Membership chairman posed for vote a Constitutional Change not a Bylaw change, for new prospective members, under this change it would no longer be required to have to have two sponsors to apply for membership to Shoreline Boat Club. After several minutes of discussion by our members a vote by a show of hands was asked for by Wayne Eichelkraut.
This motion failed by a hand vote of members present.
It was decided by management (Our Board Members) to keep the green John Deere tractor, rather than sell it and having seller’s remorse.
New Business: The “new to us” Backhoe apparently already has a save, as one of our members was going for a swim tractor included, and the new guy came to the rescue.
In closing I apologize for the late arrival of the ripples, I thought it was sent during vacation two weeks ago, it never made it out of the puter, sorry bad server at our time share, kind of glitchy.
Adjournment 7:10p.m.                          Next meeting Friday June 7,   2019

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