Ye ole Ripples
Meeting Gaveled to order by Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:34 p.m.
Commodore Wayne asked for a moment of silence for Rich Jovanovich’s sister and for Pete Cook’s brother John.
Secretary’s Report: Michele Armstrong, read minutes from the month of November 2021 these minutes were heard and approved by membership.
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster, read bills and income for Shoreline, these were heard and approved by membership.
At this time we broke for elections as allowed by membership: The results
Commodore-Wayne Eichelkraut
Vice Commodore-Ed Roloff
Secretary-Michele Armstrong
Treasurer-Barb Foster
Membership-Jim Stalker
Lagoon- Greg Farmer
Vice Commodore’s report: Ed Roloff, like to thank the bar stockers. I would like to ask to join the Illinois Retail Liquor Association at a cost of $250.00.  We can get members a basset license, with no cost to them. Motion to join was made by Jerry Wiesbrock and seconded by Tim Bault. We still have a lot of items work hour wise around here that need done. Coolers still need cleaned. There is a list on the board.
Recreation Chair: Roberta Roloff, One Stop to Shop, we had a very successful day, thank you to chair people and all that helped.
Dec 4 Adult Christmas Party Ho Ho Hoedown Adults Christmas Party. Asking for approval for two adults drinks per person. Need a motion on floor: Chico Corsolini made a motion and it was seconded by Wayne Eichelkraut for party favors at the Hoedown.
Reminder Kids Party 11-2 Sunday December 19, 2021 at Shoreline Boat Club, bring a wrapped give for your child marked to identify it’s for him, Santa is old with glasses. Also bring a baked food item for games. Please sign up on the green board on west wall, so we get a good head count for food.
 June 11, 2022 is the date set for 2nd Annual Ducky Derby and Roberta Roloff will chair it with help.
Membership Chair: Jim Stalker, Introduced for their first meeting Ben and Dawn Brown. Prospective members are sponsored by Duane and Amy Duncan and John Crouch. Sponsors spoke briefly on Ben and Dawns behalf, and both were allowed to speak also. Excited to be future members of Shoreline Boat Club. I want to thank Barb Foster and Michele Armstrong for the help this year in my area. Also Jani Eichelkraut for covering for me when I was not able to cover Rippling moments.
Clubhouse Chair: Jeff Mackiewicz, We had 25 rentals during year with lots of openings for next year, we can still help clean and get work hours for this, so feel free to step in and partake of these easy hours.
Clubgrounds Chair: John Crouch, Planning a late December cleanup of the grounds weather permitting. Also on the list for electrical work by Ameren on the grounds, have plenty of power for the near future.
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, We need to disconnect the bank poles before ice sets in, in the lagoon.
Island Chair: Wayne Eichelkraut in lieu of Ryan Garzanelli, We have a trailer to buy for the work barge, for $700 we have found.   I need a motion to purchase this. Motion was made by Chico Corsolini, and seconded by Tim Bault.
Under new and old business: Wayne also stated, we are looking into purchasing a Raffle License. More on this in the future.
Motion to Adjourn was made by Chico Corsolini.
January Birthdays
1      Pat Rexford
5      Debbie Jessen
5      John Ziegler
11    Art LeBeau
15    Dave Caretto
16    Karen Nussbaum
18    Wayne Eichelkraut
18    Lisa Ziegler
20    Robin Lawry
21    Debbie Crouch
24    Bill Rosencrans
25    Paula Pascoe
29    Dave Baima
January Anniversaries
2        Lee & Bobbye Crum
12      Dave & Paula Pascoe
16      Chico & Karen Corsolini
18      Dennis & Nancy Murry
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