FEB 2024

Meeting was given to order by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:30 p.m.
 Wayne Eichelkraut asked for a moment of silence for members family Sean (Maggie) Walker’s Mother
SECRETARY REPORT – Michelle Armstrong read minutes of January's meeting which were approved by members.
TREASURER REPORT – Barb Foster, read bills, expenditures and balances of all the clubs accounts which were heard and approved by membership.
VICE COMMODORE REPORT- Dave Baxter, would like to thank the bar stockers. There is a Basset class at the Illini Lounge, more information will be listed on the board. Also, a food manager certification license exam will be provided on March 11th which additional information will be posted on the board as well. During fish fries, beer is NOT free for anyone working, BUT if you want to buy a case of miller/Coors lite it is $24 and you can trade those in for any of the other beers we have. This is a FISH FRY only thing. There are also 2 digital picture frames, if anyone has good pictures of anything having to do with the club get with Dave and he will help get you set it up on your phone.
RECREATION REPORT – Euchre tournament was awesome thank you to those who planned and helped! Fish frys please sign up, there is still a lot of help needed. First fish fry is February 14th on Ash Wednesday. Winter games are February 23-25th. Candy Jarigese will be hosting the games! We could use some more help for Saturday if anyone wants to come for the games. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Candy at (815) 343-3373.
MEMBERSHIP REPORT- Jim Stalker, introduced Chris and Stacey Giandonato for their second meeting.
CLUBHOUSE CHAIR - Ralph Conrad, please put your name on the calendar, fill out all necessary information and put the envelope in my box.
CLUB GROUNDS CHAIR - Robert (Doc) Koppen, Thank you to everyone who helped with the snow removal and shoveling. Special thanks to Ben for letting us use the plow. Thank you to everyone who helped move equipment for the potential of high water. I asked for a motion on the pumps, and they are all here, in and working fantastically. Thanks to Ralph & Ryan Garzanelli for helping get them in.
LAGOON CHAIR- Greg Farmer, there will be a lagoon meeting on March 10th at 10 am
ISLAND CHAIR- The flood did get over the island a little bit, which is great for fertilizer.

Motion to adjourn made by Craig Godwin, seconded by Candy Jarigese

March Birthdays
 2 Cindy Duncan
9 Pete Cook
9 Karen Hall
9 Eric Engel
 10 Sean Walker
 11 Jay Inskeep
 16 Julie Stillwell
 17 Joan Wheatland
17 Doug Shumway
 19 Mary Pitstick
22 Tim Bault
29 Mike Farrell
 30 Eva West
 31 Jody Bernard

March Anniversaries

15 Kevin & Karen Bramel
 17 John & Anne Criswell
 27 Nelson & Karen Nussbaum
30 Steve & Mary Smith


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