Shoreline Monthly Meeting                                                                      February 3, 2023
Meeting gaveled to order at 6:32 p.m. by our Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut.
Wayne asked for a moment of silence for Shawn Farrell, George Carrier, and Chico Corsolini.
Secretary’s report: Michele Armstrong read last months minutes and correspondences. It was noted a thank you note from the Stillwell Family was received and posted. Also minutes were read and approved by membership.
Treasurer’s Report: read by Wayne Eichelkraut, Income and expenditures were read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodore’s report: Read by Wayne Eichelkraut, Thank all bar stockers, and Thank you Dave Baxter who is handling the bar in the absence of Ed Roloff.  It was also noted that a Bassett course is offered free for Shoreline members at Claudettes in Oglesby March 19 at 1 p.m. We still have bar stocker openings in next few months so feel free to partake in this, please.
Recreation Chair: Noticeably Vacant (just saying) read by Michele Armstrong
Brief report by Candy Jarigese on Miss River bottom. Great turnout at meetings thus far, and a great setup job by Chico Corsolini for bands and entertainment. Also planning a bus trip in regards to promoting Miss River bottom in March it ill be $25 dollars that includes a bus with a bathroom and tip. Contact Candy Jarigese and sign up for this fun filled day. Bus leaves at 10 a.m. Club will pick up the balance.
Asking for a motion for $700 for Winter-games cost’s. Motion made by Craig Godwin, seconded by Mike Carey. Debbie Garzanelli ringleader, Candy Jarigese, Amanda Crouch, and Jani Eichelkraut are leading the charge in regards to Winter games, it will be a great time come on down, and partake of the festivities, and learn how other clubs enjoy their clubs around activities. A great time to meet and greet others that enjoy what we do. Michele Armstrong asked for a motion for monies of $400 for the kids Easter party on April 1, 2023. Motion was made by Craig Godwin and seconded by Mike Carey.
Membership Chair: Jim Stalker, Offered to all members a $40.00 dollar gift certificate to Annies Hideaway to the member that brings in the most new members for 2023. We need new members as we  have as all clubs, lost a member or two.
And at this time want to bring up Ben and Dawn Brown up for their 1 year anniversary vote. We emphasized some of Ben’s and Dawns accomplishments, Saving the Backhoe, tractor combo from extinction, chairing three fish fries, accumulating a ton of hours, and hauling out all the old docks and metal. Adding gravel for north lot parking and pea gravel for kids playground area. Ben was asked to say some words on his behalf, he is kind of shy and declined. They were asked to leave grounds for the vote.
Welcome to our Shoreline Family, Ben and Dawn Brown….
Clubhouse Chair: Ralph Conrad, Fill out an application, need a check for $50.00 for rental and one for $150.00 in case you leave the clubhouse in disarray. Okay it with me before you put your name on the calendar.
Club grounds Chair: John Crouch, need a motion for $400 for a dumpster to empty junk around the grounds, anything junk is going. Final warning. It’s Gone……Motion was made by Craig Godwin, seconded by Mike Carey.
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, Looking for in future change in lagoon rules, these will be forth coming.
Island Chair: Wayne Eickelkraut, “It’s out there” Asking for a motion to raise the amount for a tractor to the Island as nothing can be found for amount asked for we would like to raise it to $10,000. A brief discussion and the ante were raised to $20,000 and not to exceed this. Jerry Wiesbrock made the motion, and it was seconded, by Craig Godwin.
Next meeting due to fish fries will be Saturday March 4 at normal time of 6:30 p.m.
Motion to adjourn at 6:59 p.m. by Craig Godwin
March Birthdays
2        Cindy Duncan
9        Pete Cook
9        Karen Hall
9        Eric Engel
10      Sean Walker
11      Jay Inskeep
16      Julie Stillwell
17       Derek Behrens
17      Joan Wheatland
17      Doug Shumway
19      Mary Pitstick
22      Tim Bault
27      Kevin Bramel
29      Mike Farrell
30      Eva Gray

31      Jody Bernard
March Anniversaries
15      Kevin & Karen Bramel
17      John & Anne Criswell
27      Nelson & Karen Nussbaum
30      Steve & Mary Smith

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