Shoreline Boat Club   
   Ripples April 2018
Meeting gaveled to order at 6:30 p.m. by Wayne Eichelkraut.
Wayne Eichelkraut asked for a moment of silence for Honorary Member Lois Yasm, and for Barb Godwin’s and Gerry Burkhart’s brothers who have passed since last meeting.
Secretary Report: Roberta Roloff, minutes from March meeting were read and approved by the membership.
Treasurer Report: Barb Foster, Finances and Balances on our accounts were read and approved by our membership
Vice Commodore’s Report: Denny Gray, Bar chips are bought, and to be used, they are in cups alongside the register. They are in increments of $1.25, $1.50, $2.00.  Also like to Thank Bar Stockers for March Paul McConville, and Chico Corsolini. And a friendly reminder Dave Carretto is stocker for 1st half of April. We are looking for someone for 2nd half of April, and all of June, August 2nd half, all of September, 2nd half of November, and all of December. Bar stocking is a heck of a lot easier than fish fries for hours, so please feel free to sign up for our openings.
Recreation: Michelle Armstrong, Fish Fries are over, great job done by all in these projects, great chairmen.
 “Shout out” to Roberta Rolloff, and Michelle Armstrong for hosting a fantastic Kids Easter party, all lil ones seemed to have a great time building baskets and playing games that were provided. And of course our Bunny, Peter Cotton Tail (Ed Rolloff) did a fantastic job entertaining and being chased by lil boaters. It helps when all three are “kids at heart”, great job by our chairwomen, and there larger than life bunny.
Winter Games this weekend Saturday April 7 at noon at Spring Valley Boat Club.
Mother’s Day Steak Fry at Shoreline Boat Club May 12, 2018
Family Fun Day at Shoreline Boat club (looking for a chairmen), this is May 20, 2018
Still looking for a contestant for Miss Riverbottom June 22-24, 2018, to represent us, Jeff Mackiewicz’s, and Ed Roloff’s names have been getting bounced around, the over and under from Las Vegas sounds like Ed Roloff, but neither has committed,  so SBC Miss Riverbottom crown is still up for grabs. Stay tuned a dance off may be in the works………….
A large amount of monies from tips from the Fish Fries has been corralled for Polar Bear Plunge.
Sandy Burkhart made this request: That maybe we could look into spreading the wealth from monies to other groups besides just the Polar Bear Plunge, there are a lot of other groups and organizations that could use monies and our help also. Roberta Roloff agreed to be chairwomen, and form a committee to look into this, for future considerations. Tips from Fish Fries will still be directed to Polar Bear Plunge.
Also Wayne Eichelkraut brought up, to arrange to sell anything for a fundraiser at our Fish Fries so we don’t have two, three, groups vying for the same table, you are to clear it with recreation officer Michelle Armstrong.
Clubhouse: Tim Bault, 6 backroom rentals for the month of April. And like to thank Michelle Armstrong for covering for me at SBC while I was on vacation for a few weeks.
Clubgrounds: Larry Michaels, Please put your name on your trailers, I am going to attempt to open up the back area for more parking, I will put up cones, and north of them you can line up trailers, I am going to try to improve the amenities around the club grounds.
Lagoon: Greg Farmer, we need to repair some bank poles that were damaged in the recent flood. The new Dock Walk way project will take time, please bear with us while we are under construction. There is a special Lagoon Meeting Monday April 9, at 6:30 p.m. to get everyone on the same page of this rebuild.
Island: Jason Inskeep, During last flood we lost and outhouse off the Island, we have its replacement behind the garage.
New Business: An item was lost last Fish Fry, the cleanup crew stated they never seen said item.
Meeting Adjourned 6:58 p.m.     Next Meeting is May 4, 2018
May Birthdays
6        Dee Stalker
7       Chico Corsolini
18      Lois Drackley
19      Bill Jones
19      Gary Smith
24      Jim Jarigese
25      Dennis Murry
27      Rod Lowery
30      Paulette Planis
31      Andrea Weakley
May Anniversaries
7        Ed & Mary Kackert
13      Jim & Candy Jarigese
19      Dewayne & Barb Foster
22      Mike & Athena Farrell
29      Larry & Susie Fleming                                                     

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