Shoreline Boat Club
July 2019 Ripples                                                                                                                        6-12-2019
Meeting gaveled to order by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:31 p.m.
Wayne asked for a moment of silence for Denny Grays mother. Kevin Knoblauch’s nephew and Anne Criswell’s nephew.
Secretary’s Report: Roberta Roloff, minutes from previous month’s meeting were read and approved by members.
Treasurer’s report: Barb Foster, Bills and expenditures were read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodore’s Report: Steve Pitstick, Like to thank those that have stepped up and filled in for bar-stockers, we have several openings please feel free to step up and sign up for this, there are notes as to how to do it behind the bar..
Recreation Chair: Michele Armstrong, Wayne Eichelkraut asked for a big hand for our contestant for Miss River-bottom Ed “Anita Busch” Roloff, in Wayne’s eyes Ed walked away with the contest, unfortunately that vote never got counted, and the win went to Joliet Yachting Club. Ed Roloff thanked all that had faith in him and came and cheered him on.
They support us, we support them category: Spring Valley Boat Club has a Chicken Fry this Friday July 19, 2019. Followed by Saturday July 20, 2019 Steak Fry, double your pleasure at Spring Valley Boat Club.
August 3 Pontoon trip, Sandy Burkart spoke briefly of this a signup sheet will be on the board. We will depart between 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. a day of fun and frivolity is planned, with a stop at our Island at the end of the day, for Horse devoirs.
August 10, Venetian Night at Starved Rock Yacht club invitation sent to our club by them.
August 17 Family Fun Day and Luau John and Amanda Crouch are chairing this big event. They asked for a budget of $1000.00, motion made by Denny Gray, and passed by membership. For all items for this event, this is a big one, animals, water slides, food, fun and merriment. Don’t want to miss this…
Brief Report on Monies for our Charities to Community Program by Roberta Roloff.
Membership Chair: Gerry Burkart, We have two couples for their second meeting. One for first, and one to complete a full year.
Joe and Kim Brewer, sponsored by Jeff Stalker and Mark Larson.
Geno and Valerie Francione, sponsored by John Crouch and John Criswell
And for their first meeting Dave and Paula Pascoe, sponsored by Ed Roloff and Jeff Mackiewicz
Voted on for membership after completing a full year is Jeff and Stacy Warrner, sponsored by Jim Heth and Mike Anderson. Congratulations to the Warrner’s on becoming members.
Clubhouse Chair: Tim Bault, We have 5 rentals for the backroom. No one will rent it on the 17th of August, this is off limits due to the Luau and Family Fun Day Festivities.
Ground Chair: Larry Michaels, We have three quotes for asphalt repair of our grounds and sealing it. Nothing really will happen till next year in this regards, but we have really big plans. I am asking for $30,000 to do this project and seal the Asphalt properly when it is completed. Denny Gray made the motion and membership seconded it and agreed upon it for the monies.
We had a discussion about purchasing the land to the East of the boat club building. This has been discussed, and at this time owner is not interested in selling this was confirmed by both Larry Michaels and Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut.
After August 1, 2019 trailers without the members name on them will be fined $10.00 per week till brought into compliance. This has only been an issue for three years, cannot believe it is still and issue and is still being brought up.
Like to thank everyone that helped fix our water issue, especially Greg Farmer and Ray Fuchs.
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, The grass and trees along the banks need to be addressed, it’s looking a lil shabby. Also bank poles need to be straightened along the west side of lagoon, we need to get quotes for the base of the wall to reinforce its poor footing.
Island Chair: Wayne Eichelkraut, like to thank the members that worked so hard on fixing walkways on the Island, Mother Nature has had a hissy fit this year. Also big shout out to our new pit crew that replace the motor for a small fee of $200 on our work barge. They installed a new to us power plant. It will need to have premix in it since it has no oil reservoir on the motor, but thanks to Jason Abens, Ralph Conrad, Tim Lippold, and Jerry Wiesbrock.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:15 p.m.                                         Next Meeting August 2, 2019
August Birthdays
2       Char Nelson
6        Ron Planis
6        Rob Phelps
7        Mary Kackert
7        Rich Jovanovich
7        Roberta Roloff
8         Mary Smith
10      Barb Foster
11      Jeff Stillwell
11      Darlene Ewers
14      Melissa Abens
14      Jane Moreno
15      John (Alabama) Criswell
16      Brian Donahue
16      Geno Francione
17      Betty Sheilds
17      Lori Gee
18      Susie Goestch
19      Betty LeBeau
22      Mike Carey
24      Jean Less
24      Erica Heth
30      Michelle Baima

August Anniversaries   
1        Wayne & Debbie Crouch
5        Randy & Sue Jackson
7        Bill & Betty Sheilds
9        Joe & Kim Brewer
12      Duane & Amy Duncan
15      Rob & Shelley Phelps
15      John & Lisa Ziegler
18      Jeff & Gaylene Stalker
18      Jim & Jennifer Wideman
23      Jerry & Tess Wiesbrock  
26      Jim & Bonnie Shanley

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