June Ripples 2021


Meeting gaveled to order by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut at 6:34 p.m.

Moment of Silence for Pat O’fallens’s mother.

Secretary’s Report: Roberta Roloff read minutes from Mays monthly meeting report these minutes were approved by membership.

Treasurer’s Report: Wayne Eichelkraut read bills and stated our financial situation, this was read and approved by membership.

Vice Commodore’s Report: Ed Roloff, there are 21 Bassett courses that need to be renewed for the coming year, this is reimbursed, so please renew as soon as possible. Like to thank all the bar stockers for their work during these thirsty times.

Recreation Chair Report: Roberta Roloff, For some reason I got the brilliant idea to have breakfast before the “Blessing Of The Fleet”, This (first annual project) went off without a hitch thanks to the great work of Ryan and Caige Garzanelli, Wayne Eichelkraut, Pete Cook, Jim Shanley, Dave Roth, John Mobley, Anne Criswell, Roberta and Ed Roloff, JS, and a great bunch of members that chose to come and enjoy the morning prior to the trip to Buffalo Rock. Thank you one and all the proceeds are going to the playground project, thank you again for participating. Shoreline B C well represented by 15 boats.

Upcoming events: Spring Valley has Shipwreck weekend this weekend!!!

Summer Fish Fry July 9, 2021 let’s celebrate open dining and bringing back our friends for a great time.

And best yet we are open to the public, Woot Woot!!!!!

July 29 Ottawa’s Fishing Rodeo,                             July 31 Jerry’s - Venetian Boat Parade,

August 21, 2021 Shorelines Family Fun Day, slides, water balloons, it’s a festive us for the rest of us, food, fun, and great times will be had by all. You don’t want to miss this, Rumor has it the lil Duncan’s and Ed Roloff have some unfinished business to take care of, we will find out August 21, it is on like “Donkey Kong”.                         Thank you John and Amanda Crouch for chairing this big event.

First Annual Charity Shoreline Ducky Derby will take place on September 5, stay tuned for more updates on this summer winding down event. Had a couple ducks in the tub the other day, teaching those guys how to swim, wow they are quick learners. Roberta Roloff will chair and need lots of help, contact her.

Membership Chair: Jim Stalker, Introduced for their second meeting, Bryan Edgett who is sponsored by Tess Wiesbrock, and Ryan Garzanelli, he introduced himself, and his sponsors Ryan Garzanelli, and Jerry Wiesbrock spoke on his behalf.

Also introduced for his second meeting was Curt Read and Lori his compadre. Curt Was asked to introduce himself, and his sponsors Jeff Mackiewicz and Jim Heth, spoke on his behalf.

For his third meeting and vote as a member Kevin Kveton and wife Shelley, Kevin and Shelley were sponsored by Dave and Paula Pascoe as well as Ed and Roberta Roloff. Kevin introduced himself, he and his wife Shelley talked briefly abought how they enjoyed Shoreline Boat Club, and how they looked forward to being members of SBC. Both Sponsors talked briefly on their behalf, prospective members were asked to leave the premises and a vote was taken by membership. Welcome Kevin and Shelley Kveton to the Shoreline Boat Club family.

Club house Chair: Jeff Mackiewicz, Officially we are open to the public, with No Restrictions, paperwork must be turned in, filled out, on a first come, first serve basis, this is the only fair and has to be adhered to. The back room rental is now open to anyone.

 We need members to sign up for clubhouse cleanup, bathroom cleanup, anything that has to be done at your house, needs done down here. Those of you looking for hours its easy work, good and good for you.t

Club grounds chair: John Crouch, Get your names on your trailers, why is this have to be said annually? By the next meeting, this has to be done!!!!!!!!! There are trailers that have been there for years, no names, no idea who owns them, one can only assume these can be removed from the property since no one has laid a claim to them.

We have many projects that are going to start shortly, digging for the playground equipment, clean up around the garage. We also need an outpouring of help from our young members, you guys got to step up, we are beating the same 20 horses to death, and it’s your club start showing an interest in it.

By next meeting every trailer located on Shoreline Boat Club Property needs a name on the tongue, thank you all in advance.

Island Chair: Ryan Garzanelli, Like to personally thank all that helped on Island Cleanup prior to Memorial Day, you guys are superstars, thank you.

Also we have to look into fixing up the club work barge, it needs some work, new or good used toons need installed and possibly a newer motor, we are looking into pricing of said items. We have more than gotten our monies out of it, it just needs a little TLC and replacement of some items.

Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, Please don’t attach any poles or cleats to the plastic walkways, I have started reinforcing the weak spots, and could use a hand for further improvements. Do not take down the weeds on the banks with any chemicals or such, we need this foliage to aid in prevention of erosion.

New Business: Candy Jarigese has offered to make roll up screens for the patio area, these will cost in the neighborhood of $175.00, this was voted on an approved by the membership.

Wayne Eichelkraut is looking into having the insurance for our club pay for an electrical pole that was accidently taken down during work on club grounds.

Thank you Debbie Mackiewicz, Anne Criswell, Dee Stalker for counting the votes for tonights vote.

Motion to adjourn by Anne Criswell, seconded by members at 7:10 p.m.

July Birthdays

3        DeAnn Whitaker

3        Tim Lippold
4        Athena Farrell

7        Ryan Crum
8        Karen Bramel
9        Louise Bunch

11      Dan Heider
13      Jason Abens

13      Lore Jones
13      Harry Simmons

16      Maggie Walker

17      Brian Michaels

17      Angie Larson

18      Dick Zahn

20      Ralph Conrad

20      Nelson Nussbaum

23      Craig Godwin

23      Al Ruhland

26      Jim Stalker
27       Dave Pascoe

27      Marsha Monroe


July Anniversaries

11       Dave & Michelle Baima

12      John & Lori Rossiter
19      Jim & Erica Heth

27      Jack & Patti Feehan


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