June Ripples 2019                                                                                   Next Meeting July 12, 2019
Meeting gaveled to order at 6:30 p.m. by Commodore Wayne Eichelkraut
Secretary Report: Roberta Roloff, minutes from May’s meeting were read, and approved by membership.
Treasurer’s Report: Barb Foster, Financial report and expenditures were read and approved by membership.
Vice Commodores Report: Wayne Eichelkraut, in absence of (Steve Pitstick serving as a volunteer for Red Cross) like to thank bar stockers for month of May, looking for help for month of most of June. Like to thank Pete and Cam Cook for cleaning and bar stocking. In the absence of several volunteers, plenty of openings in the balance of the year, please feel free to sign up.
Recreation Report: Roberta Roloff, Like to give great Kudo’s for a great Job for a Steak Fry for Mothers Day to both Jim Shanley and Co- Chair Les Walleck. Great job and as Jim stated, “He had a great crew and a fine job done by all, Thank you.” Jim reported the profit of this project, and Wayne told me don’t write this down, lol. Shipwreck Weekend has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled due to inclement weather and flooding. As of now Miss River-Bottom in East Peoria is still on and our entrant needs your help, and backing. Shirts will be offered with both black and red colors and design for a nominal fee. Show your support for Anita Busch and her efforts to regain the crown, it is coming back to the banks of the fox, we can show the whole IRBBA how to party, and host it, as we have in the past this crown is ours, we want it back. June 28-June 30, 2019 Miss River Bottom East Peoria Boat Club, don’t miss it, good times had by all…A brief report on Charity fund and expenditures by Roberta Roloff Chairman…………
Membership Chairman: Gerry Burkart, We have two new families of prospective members to be introduced by their sponsors: First PM, Geno and Valerie Francione, Sponsors John and Anne Criswell, and John and Amanda Crouch. Both were introduced to the membership and sponsors spoke on their behalf. Both also introduced themselves to our members as well. Second PM, Joe and Kim Brewer, Sponsors Jeff and Gaylene Stalker, and Mark and Angie Larson. Both were introduced to membership and sponsors spoke on their behalf. Both introduced themselves to membership as well.
Island Chair: Jason Inskeep, We need to work on walkways on Island docks as the may have been altered in flooding, this can be addressed in next few weeks.
Clubhouse Chair: Tim Bault, We have 6 rentals for the month of June. We are also in need of a volunteer to bartend for a family function for Danny and Marsha Monroe. Contact them if interested 815-431-1394.
Lagoon Chair: Greg Farmer, When weather cooperates toppers need to be removed from all docks on west side of lagoon, dock inspection may be somewhat lighter than in the past due to events and work being done on said docks and walkways.
Clubgrounds Chair: Larry Michaels, like to thank Greg Farmer for better than 30 hours helping me in regards to working on water lines and finding these. They will be documented by camera for future use and location. A Crew is asked to help Saturday for balance of work and digging up underground lines. Also discussion of upcoming events forthcoming by club grounds chair. Larry asked permission to sell two Busch hogs in our inventory at $200 each, this was approved to be sold better than a year ago, and items have no use to our members. We are looking for a suitable contractor to re-asphalt the grounds and more land to the north by garage. Larry will a get two competitive bids. Geno Francione volunteered to try to save the mowers that are on life support in the garage area, hopefully they can be saved, if not their replacements will be forthcoming. Please treat our property as if it was you own, this is getting expensive.
New Business: Members are asking for a torch at a cost of $300 to fix dock issues. This passed. And Wayne Eichelkraut asked for $400 for kids fishing rodeo. This passed.

July Birthdays
3        DeAnn Whitaker
3        Tim Lippold
4        Athena Farrell
6        Dave DeWalt
7        Ryan Crum
8        Karen Bramel
9        Louise Bunch
11      Dan Heider
13      Jason Abens
13      Lore Jones
13      Harry (Tripp) Simmons
16      Gail Smith
16      Maggie Walker
17      Brian Michaels
17      Angie Larson
18      Dick Zahn
20      Ralph Conrad
20      Nelson Nussbaum
23      Craig Godwin
23      Al Ruhland
24      Brent DeFore
26      Jim Stalker
27      Clarice Abernathy
27      Marsha Monroe
July Anniversaries
5        Les & Ann Walleck
12      John & Lori Rossiter
19      Jim & Erica Heth
27      Jack & Patti Feehan

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